SAFe's first Lean-Agile Princlple includes "Deliver early and often" and what else?

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 SAFe's first Lean-Agile Princlple includes "Deliver early and often" and what else?

A) Decentralize decision-making

B) Apply cadence

C) Apply systems thinking

D) Deliver value incrementally

A is correct here 

this one is tricky as all the things are mentiond somewhere but not in the first principle.

Lean Agile Principle #1 is Take an economic view

Apply a Comprehensive Economic Framework But as important as it is, delivering early and often isn’t the entire picture. Additionally, every SAFe portfolio requires an Economic Framework—a set of decision guidelines that align everyone with the financial objectives of a Portfolio and inform the continuous decision-making process. After all, teams and Agile Release Trains (ARTs) make small and large decisions every day. Their choices can influence economic outcomes positively or negatively. Without guidance, self-organizing teams will just make their ‘best guess.’ Although this can result in decentralized decisions,

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