What DevOps changes for testers

 What DevOps changes for testers 

Actually writing a longer article about what DevOps means for software testers, but as i was inspired on a danish meetup to write something in english here is some summary about that topic.

There are a lot of definition of what “DevOps” means, most come out that DevOps is a combination of culture, practices and tools enabling to enclose the collaboration developing and operating Software.
At the moment “DevOps” is one of the most hyped buzzwords of cause it includes the roles developers and operators but what does it mean for testers? In my opinion for testers or let´s say for everyone who does quality assurance because this does not necessarily have to be testers, there are a lot of benefits of the DevOps transformation.
The practice infrastructure as code enables to set up test environments easily at almost no cost, even it enables that all requirements of the software are described in a prober way the configuration.  As there is no more need to configure target systems manually, they could just be generated on demand for any type of test. Tools for these could be Docker for containerized environments, Ansible and Vagrant if you walk on the virtual machines path. Practices like continuous integration or continuous deployment even belong to the DevOps stack and enhance the flow of software development lifecycle.

The DevOps culture enables Teams to manage infrastructure needed by themselves, which of cause could even include the Team-members with role QA or the test Teams. This might not be completely new as some testers already managed their systems in the past, but if it comes to collaboration it might keep system configuration of development less stressfull, test and production systems more automated and closer together.


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